Vidya Jain
Public School, Rohini

We believe that each child is unique and the school’s job is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that helps uncover that uniqueness in each being. But we also aspire to inculcate core values, attributes, and skills essential for children to lead fulfilling lives, both professionally and personally.

In addition to imparting formal education, the school focuses on the holistic and robust development of the students. With the avowed aim of nurturing and preserving culture and ethos, values, and aesthetics, we endeavor to inspire and train our students to face the challenges of the next millennia successfully.

Infrastructure and Resources

Well-developed infrastructure with the right elements for holistic development



VJPS is a pedestal of eminence that is driven by a mission to inculcate both national and international dimension in the curriculum. Through explicit and implicit school based activities, we provide opportunities to enable our young learners to acquire knowledge, skills and the habits of mind and heart that will develop them into creative, confident individuals as well as active and informed citizens. In fact, envisioning a global society, the school curriculum is imbued with a distinct international perspective. The world is a family with a common set of values and goals i.e. unity in diversity. At VJPS, we manifest this global perspective through a plethora of activities as our students and staff explore immense possibilities of integrating international dimensions in the school curriculum. These activities usher our students to the new dimension of international nature in the true sense of its meaning, thereby adding a new sheen to their personalities.

360 Degree Development

Learning Approach

Our learning Approach roots in our Motto of Inspiring Learners. We, at VJPS, encourage students to engage in inquiry, exploration, and creative problem-solving skills. The interdisciplinary approach followed at different stages allows the students to inquire, explore, experiment, deliberate, and integrate knowledge gained into real-life situations.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind”
– Winston Churchill