Learning Approach

Our learning Approach roots from our Motto of Inspiring Learners. We, at VJPS, encourage students to engage in inquiry, exploration, and creative problem-solving skills. The interdisciplinary approach followed at different stages allows the students to inquire, explore, experiment, deliberate, and integrate knowledge gained into real-life situations. The teaching-learning pedagogy strives to provide opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on activities, projects, experiments, etc. The learning process inspires students to not only obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects but also hone their skills. Art Integrated learning is at the core of the curriculum and is embedded in the teaching-learning process driving the students towards innovation, creativity, and thoughtfulness. The learning objectives are clearly stated throughout the curriculum and the learning process facilitates the achievement of the outcomes as a result of the education.

We follow an integrated approach for imparting value-based education with the aim of promoting the holistic development of all our students. For this, specialized modes of learning are followed which are based on the modern concept of pedagogy and at par with New Education Policy 2020. We consider technology to be a powerful tool that is used to support student learning. Extensive use of smart classes has made learning easy and retainable. Blended and Flipped learning approaches are followed to make learning interesting and robust. Structured online classes are being provided by using various tools of Microsoft Teams and other software to enrich the students’ learning experiences.