Interactive Club

To make academic learning robust and holistic, creative and innovative activities are interwoven in the curriculum.

Aesthetic-development: Craft and creative pursuits via Classical and Folk dance, Vocal and Instrumental music activities, Painting, Gift Packing, Paper Mache, Batik, Usage of Waste Material, Applied Art, Making Greeting Cards, etc. provide all the necessary ingredients for the aesthetic development of human mind and the enhancement of inborn talents.

Workshops and Seminars on harnessing Creativity, Meditation, Stress Management, Time Management, Personality Development, Time Management, Career Avenues, Social Graces, Study Skills, etc.

Visits, Excursions, Tours, and Trips to make students socially awakened, educationally enlightened, emotionally balanced, culturally rich, physically alert, and integrated with the cause of national development.

Functions and Celebrations: The School remains to hum with life and activity throughout the year. Some important occasions are Annual Day, Athletic Meet, Observance of National and International Days, Carnival, etc.

Value Education: We foster universal and eternal values amongst students by activities like Short plays depicting moral values, value education classes, etc.

Christmas Carnival: With the jingle of the bells resonating, the hum of the carols in the wind, the ‘ho-ho’ of Santa, and gifts and glee everywhere- Christmas is an exciting affair that brings a bagful of surprises for everyone including children and adults. The whole atmosphere is painted by Christmas decorations, food stalls, and thematic interiors. Caught in the whirl of fun and excitement, the visitors and the students at the Carnival enjoy the unlimited sprawl of exciting games, competitions, complemented by attention-grabbing food stalls.